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"I don't have any magic to give you. 

I'm here to lead you back to a place where you can remember your own."

-Samantha Zipporah

Did you know...?

Your menstrual cycle is a Fifth Vital Sign.
Charting your cycles with FAM can serve as a window into your reproductive health and your overall wellness.

The Fertility Awareness Method (Sympto Thermal) can be used as an effective Birth Control Method.

The Fertility Awareness Method can be used to support your fertility journey and help you conceive naturally.

The Fertility Awareness Mentorship Program

 For Conception, Contraception + Body Literacy 

This offering is a deep dive into tracking + charting your menstrual cycle using the Sympto Thermal Method of Fertility Awareness as a tool for wellness. 

It is a one on one, virtual learning opportunity, catered to your individual goals. 

This program is an opportunity for those seeking any of the following: 

  • a holistic approach to your reproductive + sexual health

  • to feel connected to and empowered by your fertility + sexuality 

  • to understand your period pain or menstrual cycle imbalances

  • to discover how the menstrual cycle acts as a window into your overall health

  • to bring your cycle into healthy balance 

  • to come off of hormonal birth controls

  • to avoid pregnancy, without the pill or hormones

  • to optimize your fertility / plan for pregnancy 

  • support and clarity in your fertility struggles

  • support for alternative fertility journeys

  • a method of birth control that allows for deeper connection + cooperation with your partner

  • to make informed choices in your reproductive health care

  • to embody reproductive justice



Learn more...

For full program details + pricing, 

shoot me a message here:

Thanks for reaching out! //  Tel. 508-479-6940

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