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Some of what we do and do not know about placentophagy.

Human Maternal Placentophagy: A Survey of Self-Reported Motivations and Experiences Associated with Placenta Consumption 

Jodi Selander, Allison Cantor, Sharon M. Young & Daniel C. Benyshek 

Does Eating Placenta Offer Postpartum Health Benefits?

Michelle Beacock

Fatigue as a Predictor of Postpartum Depression

 Ingrid Bozoky, MS, FNP; Elizabeth J. Corwin, PhD, MSN, CRNP

Memorandum for Release of Placenta to Patient After Childbirth

Hormones and Iron Postpartum: 

Maternal Iron Deficiency Anemia Affects Postpartum Emotions and Cognition 

John L. Beard, Michael K. Hendricks, Eva M. Perez, Laura E. Murray-Kolb, Astrid Berg, 

Lynne Vernon-Feagans, James Irlam, Washiefa Isaacs, Alan Sive, and Mark Tomlinson

Have We Forgotten the Significance of Postpartum Iron Deficiency?

Lisa M. Bodnar, PhD, MPH, RD; Mary E. Cogswell, DrPH, RN; Thad McDonald, MDc

Iron Content of Intact Placentas and Cords

Bonnie A. McCoy, MS; Roberta E. Bleiler, PHD; Margaret A. Ohlson, PHD

Placenta Encapsulation and Postpartum Health 

Jodi Selander

Hormonal Changes in the Postpartum and Implications for Postpartum Depression

Victoria Hendrick, MD; Lori L. Altshuler, MD; Rita Suri, MD

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