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Soothing Mist

Soothing Mist


Cooling spray lovely for your everyday skin routine or as needed for soothing hot, irritated areas. Gentle antibacterial. Calming aromatherapy. Mist directly onto face + body. 

Especially nice for soothing perineum or tender breasts postpartum.


2 oz amber glass bottle with fine mist spray top


    Contains: Rose Geranium Hydrosol*, Rose Hydrosol, Witch Hazel, Lavender Essential Oil 

    All Organic

    *This hydrosol was garden grown and home-distilled with care in a copper alembic (pictured). 


    Hydrosols are gentle, profound botanicals. They are fragrant waters imbued with the aromatic and therapeutic properties of a plant through the alchemical process of hydro or steam distillation. (The same process used to extract essential oils).

    This botanical mist can be used as aromatherapy for both the lovely scent and the medicinal qualities of the plant captured in the essential oils and infused waters. Hydrosols are a potent medicine for the spirit, as the plant lends its energy and essence to the waters captured in the process when crafted with reverence. 

    Care: This hydrosol does not have any added preservatives aside from essential oils and witch hazel. Refrigeration is not necessary, but will extend the shelf life of this product and enhance the cooling effect. 


    **Generally safe for use in pregnancy + breast/chestfeeding when used topically or aromatically**

    **Not for internal consumption during pregnancy or breast/chestfeeding**

    The information provided has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Ostara Birthwork + Botanicals does not claim or intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please always consult with your medical provider regarding any medical decisions. 

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